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Words are fascinating! Here are some of the sites I consult on a regular basis.

World Wide Word Sites

Good Copy, Bad Copy
Great blog in praise of plain speaking and the bane of corporatese.

Turner Ink
Another blog promoting better English.

Visual Thesaurus
Difficult to describe the visual journey through words and their synonyms and antonyms. Has to be seen to be enjoyed.

Crossword Solver
Very useful when you know some letters, but are stil stuck.

World Wide Words

An excellent site giving the etymology of abracadabra (always a favourite of mine) to zorbing. I know I like words, but this a must see.

Wordsmith's Anagram Server
Handy for anagram puzzles or just for fun, finding anagrams of the names of family and friends. The Anagram Genius lets you generate them online or download their free program.

Crossword Answers
Online help to find that elusive solution. Also list the available online crosswords.

The Internet Grammar of English
An online course in English grammar written for anyone who is interested in the English language. Alternatively, try the Grammar Guide
An online guide to correct grammar with self-assessment tests.

Apostrophe Protection Society
Why is it that people find apostrophes so difficult to use? There are only three basic rules! If you still can't work it out, try the Writing Lab. Commas are trickier!

New Words in English
Neologisms and new uses for old words.

Better English
Why is it that the best English sites are American?

Written works that avoids a certain letter, usually the 'e' as above.

Brilliant site full online literature, verse and quotations.

English Language Trivia

Word Spy

Devoted to recently coined words and phrases, old words that are being used in new ways, and existing words that have enjoyed a recent renaissance.

A searchable glossary directory of the useful (scientific terms) and humorous (dictionary of legal definitions) to the downright obscure (fresh water mussels of the Midwest!)

A database of over 15,000 quotations or try the quotation machine. Amusing quotes has the witty variety, and also try the words of wisdom by George 'Dubya'.

The Phrase Finder
A list of the meanings and origins of over 1,000 phases and sayings.

Online Etymology Dictionary
The derivation of over 30,000 words. Test your knowledge at Etymologic.

What's the Meaning of This?

A Rootsweb hosted site of the origins of words and phrases, with both Olde English and Amerispeak sections.

Fewer or Less?
For me, one of the more arcane rules of grammar! Test yourself.

Free Translation
Online service translating Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Norwegian and both simplified and traditional Chinese. Not perfect, but hey, it's a machine!

International House of Logorrhea
A collection of over 14,000 rare or obscure words. See also Lost Words, 400 words that have died out and appear nowhere else on the web.

The Underground Grammarian
The works of Richard Mitchell who died in 2002, but whose life's work was the protection of the English language.

A pretty good searchable database of obscure acronyms. Invaluable in a jargon filled world.

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