1851 Census - HO 107 2236 202
Cotton Tree Houses, Newton Moor
John Shorrocks, 42 Boiler Maker, born Wigan
Mariah Shorrocks, 36, born Dawley Green, Shropshire
Ellen Shorrocks, 12, Scholar, born Dukinfield
Thomas Shorrocks, 8, Scholar, born Liverpool
John Shorrocks, 2, Scholar, born Newton
William Shorrocks, 3m, born Newton
Samuel Sutcliffe, 23, Boiler Maker, born Yorkshire
1861 Census - RG9 2873 93
Bakels(?) Buildings, Openshaw
John Shorrocks, 52, Boiler Maker, born Wigan
Maria Shorrocks, 45, born Shropshire
Thomas Shorrocks, 18, Apprentice, born Liverpool
John Shorrocks, 12, Apprentice, born Newton Moor
William Shorrocks, 10, Scholar. born Fairfield
James Shorrocks, 6, Scholar, born Gorton
Joseph, Shorrocks, 4, Scholar, born Gorton
1871 Census - RG10 3912 12
33 Thomas Street, Leigh, Bedford
Thomas Shorrocks, M, 29, Boiler Maker, born Liverpool
Elizabeth Lord, Lodger, 59, Seamstress, born Carlton, Notts
Charles Lord, Lodger, 20, Boiler Maker, born Manchester

(Family was in Crewe)
1881 Census - RG11 4040 75
6 Wood Street West, Ashton
Thomas Shorrocks, 39, Boiler Maker, born Liverpool
Emma Shorrocks, 39, Cotton Winder, born Ashton
Emma J Shorrocks, 4, born Ashton
Thomas Shorrocks, 2, born Ashton
Sarah Shorrocks, 3 months, born Ashton
1891 Census - RG12 3288 114
8 Taylor Street, Dukinfield (See 1901 map)
Thomas Horrocks, 50, Boiler Maker, born Dukinfield
Emma Horrocks, 49, born Hyde
Emma J Horrocks, 14, Cotton Card Room Hand, born Ashton
Thomas Horrocks, 12, Scholar, born Ashton
Sarah Horrocks, Scholar, born Ashton
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